Landholders and residents

At Legacy Minerals, we are committed to developing strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders. This starts with the landholders and residents of the land over which we hold Exploration leases, and with the broader communities and environments within which we operate.

As an exploration company, our goal is for the sustainable exploration and discovery of mineral deposits within our tenements. We believe that a crucial part of reaching that goal is through positive relationships with landholders, community members and government.

The exploration industry in NSW must comply with environmental standards and guidelines as set out by the NSW Government. This is to ensure the long term sustainability of our environment and our communities. The industry regulator is extremely diligent in ensuring these standards are met.

We welcome any feedback or questions should you wish to contact us, and would also invite you to visit the below link to the industry regulator’s website where common concerns and questions regarding geological exploration in NSW are answered.

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